Vonnie P.

Montana, United States

"You Should be in a Wheelchair"

I'm writing this on behalf of my mother Vonnie, whose active lifestyle is finally taking a toll on her body at the age of 57. She is a retired nurse, current college professor, and supervisor. My mom has always lived an active and healthy lifestyle, running is her life. She started running in her teens, into college, having children, and working multiple jobs.
At the age of 45 she started not being able to sit longer than a few minutes. At 50, she started seeing doctors. The response she got numerous times was, "You should be in a wheelchair, not walking, let alone running." She found out that she had major back issues, Degenerative disc disease, slipped discs, severely torn labrum in her hip, and extremely severe arthritis in her hip- just to name a few.
My unwavering mother never once imagined life without running. She was always able to push through the pain, even for 26.2 miles, because running is all she has known and is her outlet. Living in the official Middle of Nowhere has led her to travel across the USA to have back surgery, prolotherapy, dry needling, etc. but the pain in every step is still present. The doctors told her that her running days are over and she needs to stick to low impact activities. Needless to say she has done great things with her body, but her active lifestyle has caught up to her.
The Peloton bike and the community would help my mom maintain her highly active lifestyle while providing her a new outlet with less pain.


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