Kim P.

South Carolina

Yes or Yes!

We purchased a Peloton in December 2018 and our entire family has benefited from the movement, the motivation and, most importantly, the community. We want to share this wonderful gift and vibe with our dear friend, Kim. She has been a warrior for her friends, family and clients all of her life and now we hope we can give back to this amazing woman. Kim was diagnosed with breast cancer in March of this year and has just triumphed through 13 cycles of chemotherapy. She is scheduled for surgery in a month and is working on getting her body strong. Chemotherapy took a lot out of her and she was too sick to exercise for many months. Her oncologists are encouraging her to work out to increase cellular turnover. Kim has had a wonderful attitude from the time of diagnosis and throughout her entire treatment. Her days are long and her nights are longer, as she has had trouble sleeping, but she has been a total BOSS and an inspiration to us all. She is the ultimate Yes or Yes person to ride with Ally and all of the motivational instructors at Peloton. This is a woman who could never have children but would have been the best mother on the planet. This is a woman who didn't deserve to get cancer either, but she has taken as it has come and has never felt sorry for herself. In closing, we hope you help her continue to shine her light with a Yes and Yes! Come on, Peloton. Sincerely,

Connie, Charleston, South Carolina


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