Allison A.

Massachusetts, United States

A Year of Heartache

My beautiful cousin has had a heartbreaking year. This picture of her is from 6 years ago, when she entered every fun run she could. In those days, she was a newlywed struggling to get pregnant. She suffered setback after setback. I can’t be sure, as I’m sure there are things she just never said out loud, she had miscarriages followed by ectopic pregnancies, more miscarriages, and another ectopic pregnancy, which ultimately ended with the removal of one of her Fallopian tubes. During these years, her grandmother and my grandfather (who had been her stand in grandfather, as her grandfather passed away when she was young) passed away. She finally was able to conceive after several rounds of IVF. She gave birth to a beautiful healthy baby boy. As life does, it changes. Our lives, our needs, our health gets put on hold to take care of others. Being a nurse and a new mother, Allison was no different. She took such joy in her new found role as a mother that her love of running and exercise just kind of did not feel as important. My grandmother, who was her grandfather’s twin sister, grandmother passed away At the end of 2018. A few months later her uncle passed away, from a horribly acute and rapid form of Leukemia. Her other uncle, who had been in remission, was back in the hospital, as his cancer was back. The week of her son’s 2nd birthday, the unimaginable happened. Her mother, who was just a real life hero, was diagnosed with lung and brain cancer, stage 4. Her disease progressed rapidly. When I asked Allinson what I could do to help, she responded, I used to run to deal with my feelings, can you watch JJ so i can go to the gym? We laid her mother to rest January 24th. The following day would have been her 60th birthday. That day, Allison’s father was rushed to the hospital (a day after his wife’s funeral) with liver failure. It’s been a year of great loss, and it’s not over yet. A peleton would help her to remember to take time for herself, and work out her stress.



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