Louis B.

South Carolina, United States

Well-Being in the time of COVID-19

My brother in law, Louis is my inspiration, both professionally and personally. Throughout the time I’ve known him, it’s been incredible to see what he does for others as a nurse practitioner. From nursing wounded warriors back to health in his time as an active duty Army nurse, to bring a primary care provider and going to elderly, vulnerable patients homes, working 18 hour days during the COVID-19 pandemic, Louis exemplifies the values of Peloton. He always puts his patients as priority, thinking up of creative solutions to uplift their morale and spirits during hard times like losing a loved one, not being able to meet basic needs, or going through an intensive surgery. One time, he stayed at a patients home well beyond the time allotted to help him develop a plan for how to reconnect with his daughter. Another time, he took food with him to a visit because he noticed the patients family couldn’t afford it. And this week, he brought a dog home (in the picture attached) that a patient found on the side of the road and is nursing it back to health. Fitness has always been a huge part of Louis’s life. He has inspired my sister, me, and even my parents to use fitness for not only physical but emotional health. Lately, with the extensive hours and constraints associated with working to address COVID-19, I’ve know his fitness has suffered. Now having odd hours and incredible stress which landed him in the hospital, having a Peloton would be so incredible for him. I can’t think of someone more deserving than him. His comeback means mental and emotional well-being. It means giving back to someone who has always given more to others. Thank you for your consideration!


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