Kevin S.

Maryland, United States

A True Friend's Comeback

Kevin is a father, husband, and leader. He’s been a coach to hundreds of lacrosse players, and a true life-mentor to many. Kevin takes what little resources he is given and creates success for many. Due to his work, Kevin has had countless knee replacements, and physical therapies over the last 15 years. His instinct to care, and be a loyal friend, has made a humongous net throughout the medical and PT world during this timeframe. Over a decade ago, I met Kevin as a PT patient – I was working through several neuro problems, trying to be able to walk again without a walker. We became great friends, and he has turned out to be a huge supporter of my situation. He ended up being a key player in my ability to learn to walk again, and because of him, I became an actual lacrosse player again – something I’ll be forever thankful for.

Today things have changed. In fall of 2019, Kevin had another significant knee replacement. Taking many months of rehabilitation, he worked hard to recover the use of his knee. Once he was approved to go back to work, he noticed several mental symptoms he had never experienced before - such as double vision, confusion, and trouble with simple speech. The week following his return to work, Kevin was taken to the hospital. They found a huge cyst in the back of his brain. Due to the size and placement, Kevin was immediately taken to surgery.

Now, Kevin’s life has completely changed. Instead of helping others, he’s had to change his lifestyle to be focused on himself. His unexpected surgery has left him with many new symptoms. With hopes to improve, he needs to work harder than ever. The best part is he doesn’t let that hold him back - Kevin is at some type of therapy almost every day. Peloton granting him into the Comeback family would be another tool to help him recover and live the life he truly deserves.


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