Tracey B.

Connecticut, United States

Tracey 5.0

I am campaigning for my best friend Tracey. We have been friends since our freshman year on college. That’s a story in and of itself but I will get to the point. Tracey is a single mother of a special needs 12 year old daughter. Her daughter Nora was born having back to back seizures. The two hemispheres of her brain did not communicate. Eventually, she has surgery to sever the two halves. Tracey quit her job to care for her daughter who needed full time care. Her medical care and petitioning insurance and doctors offices became a full time job on top of everything else. Tracey has always been her daughter’s biggest cheerleader. The lifestyle has taken a toll. Eventually her marriage suffered and Tracey’s care in her own health took a back seat. She eventually got a divorce. Her partnership with her ex is amicable and they do share in the care of this beautiful and special miracle child. Tracey eventually went back to work and after the divorce, she bought a house and lives her life with her daughters needs at the forefront. Tracey has been trying to get back into shape but finding time for a gym is difficult. I purchased my Peloton about 2-1/2 years ago and love it. Recently, I spent a long morning in the phone with Tracey, contemplating life and happiness and how difficult it can, as mothers be to put ourselves first. We were on the phone for over 2 hours and never once had a break in the conversation. The very next day I took Denis Morton’s 30 minute reset ride from 9/10/20. Everything he talked about mirrored our conversation from the day before. I sent Tracey some videos from the ride and she shared that she would get so much out of this bike. I know she would benefit from it physically and spiritually. I hope you choose my friend for a comeback giveaway. She certainly deserves it. Thanks so much for considering.


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