Jenny S.

Wisconsin, United States

Time to take care of Jenny

Jenny has dedicated the past decade working towards her dream of becoming a pediatrician. She's sacrificed precious time from her family - a full house of boys (ages 33, 4 and 1) - to support countless other children through her medical practice.  

This year has been especially taxing. Jenny came back from maternity leave and found herself in front of a global pandemic. Although fearful for the health of her family and a new baby at home, she skips lunches and dinners to squeeze in more patient visits and spends countless hours guiding parents, especially these past few weeks as school has become a critical topic. With Jenny's oldest child starting his first year of kindergarten this fall, she has lived through, right alongside her patients and their parents, the challenging decisions and unimaginable stress brought by this school year. Despite many months of chaos and uncertainty still ahead of us, Jenny's empathy and dedication to her craft has allowed her to build a foundation of trust within the community. 

Jenny has spent every ounce of energy taking care of the people around her. She needs a break and time to focus on herself. She deserves a Comeback opportunity to experience the uplifting power of the Peloton community! 


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