Pamela G.

New York, United States

Through A Son's Eyes

My son's story: I am only 11. When I think of my mom years ago, I picture her running. Whether it was sunny or snowing, she always went out and ran. She always came back with a huge smile on her face. She explained that running helped to ease her stress, clear her mind, and keep her at peace. One day it all changed. My parents were getting divorced and my mom was left to hold together what was left of our family. We were all sad and coped in different ways. My mom ran & ran & ran until she literally could not run anymore. She had hip and back pain so severe that on some days she could barely walk. She went to many doctors and tried many different treatments. There was mention of herniated discs, scoliosis, and a blood disease, but there was no solution to her pain. In a time when she needed it most, she could not run. Running was a part of her. Without it, she was different. There was no exercise that gave her the thrill of running and no exercise she could do without pain to relieve her stress. Her body continued to betray her and she was angry, frustrated, and sad all the time. Eventually she heard about Peloton. After trying spin, she bought a less expensive bike to use at home and she signed up for the app. From the day she got on that bike, I saw a change in her. Not only has biking been the exercise that she can do without discomfort, with the guidance of the Peloton trainers, she has rediscovered that sense of peace in exercise that running used to give her. She is motivated to try new rides and push herself harder. The best part about Peloton is that I now see my mom smile again & it makes me smile too. Our family may be different now than when my mom was a runner but I am glad I have my mom back.I am thankful she has gotten our family through all of the hard times, makes sacrifices for us every day, and is our picture of strength. I hope that my mom can be selected for a bike so she can continue to be able to work to achieve a healthy mind & body.


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