D. Anna S.

Massachusetts, United States

Support Me As I Support Others

I walked into 2020 with high hopes. This was supposed to be the year that I graduated from college after working full time job throughout college to financially support my education. What I did not realize was that two weeks into the semester I would receive a call that my brother was driving my mom to the hospital because she had a heart attack. Her major arteries failed. Best case scenario, she would have a painful year long recovery.
That call was the moment I went from being a full-time student also working a full time to taking on the role of being a caregiver at 21. As a student balancing academics and work, I had to accept becoming a full-time caregiver two hours away from school. I’ve spent the semester driving four hours round trip to support my family 4-5x a week after lectures and exams. I would then proceed to working night shifts at the hospital because I had to pay for tuition.
In January 2020, I walked into the semester as a senior in college. I was finally finishing my degree after a difficult four years of balancing a full-time job while pursuing an education in STEM.
As the primary caregiver to a recovering parent who is immunocompromised, I have made the difficult decision to continue my clinical job on the front-line in healthcare in the city of Boston. Every day I have to take very strict precautions to minimize my mother’s risk to COVID-19.
Through all of this, many group fitness classes were my one stable support system for both physical and mental health. Group fitness paved access to a community that took out time every day to practice self-care with me. Due to COVID-19, I have lost access to this community. As a financially independent student, I do not have the financial stability to access equipment for personal use and after exhausting all resources to try to rent or borrow equipment I have been unsuccessful. Today, I am writing you to ask if the Peloton community would be able to support me as I support my mom and patients.



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