Cammie F.


Stepping up as Grandma

Cammie's adult life has never been easy, and yet she continues to stay positive and always have a smile on her face. Cammie was a young mother, who did everything she could to be the best mom for her daughter. As her daughter got older, she went down the wrong path, and turned to drugs. Although painful, Cammie was always there to support her daughter and through the years of getting clean and relapsing Cammie stood by her daughter and helped her clean up the mess. While this was going on Cammie's best friend, her sister, passed away. Cammie could have given up, but instead, she kept her head held high, and knew that she had to continue being strong for her sisters daughter and husband. Four years ago, Cammie's daughter got pregnant and was not in a good place to take care of her son. Cammie and her husband stepped in and took over custody of their grandchild. At the age of 43 Cammie was now taking on the roll of being a mother again. During this time, Cammie continued to take classes and got her bachelors degree. She continues to work full time as a Director of ACO & Complex Care Management at Providence St. Joseph Health. Unfortunately, her health has started to go down hill. Cammie was an avid bootcamper and runner, she completed many Spartans and half marathons, but now is unable to workout due to the pain she feels from her bulging disks, that eventually will require surgery. She has fallen into depression because she isn't able to workout. Financially their family is strapped having taken on the financial burden of raising their grandchild. Having this bike in her home would give Cammie the opportunity to workout again, to move and motivate, all while doing it with her grandson in the same room! Cammie would be a great addition to the Peloton family because of her positive attitude, her helpful soul and smile she always has on her face. I know how I feel when I get off my bike, and I just want my friend Cammie to be able to walk around with that same feeling.



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