Jose C.

Texas, United States

Staying fit in hard times to help others in the community.

My name is Jose, I am a Fire Fighter / Paramedic, Swat Medic and most importantly a single father. I have been on the comeback to getting fit again after a recent knee surgery. As a fire fighter in need to be in the best shape possible not only for myself but my crew. And as a Swat Medic I need to be able to move and be ready for what is throw at us. Most importantly as a single father keeping up with a 6 year old is a challenge in its self. COVID has made gyms at work closed and home work outs are the only way to stay safe and work out. Doctors told me running is out of the question due to the impact on my knee and using a bike is going to be most beneficial to reduce the stress on my knee. This is why I am submitting this story for consideration for help in my journey.


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