Jordan S.

Oklahoma, United States

Stage 4 Mom of 3 needs the mental health boost Peloton provides

My friend Jordan is one of the strongest women I know. She is healthy and fit and she happens to have a recurrence of breast cancer that has now spread. She is the mom of 3 amazing little girls and wakes up everyday to serve them and our community. She is the first one to raise her hand when someone needs help. She is incredibly active and concentrates on eating well and moving her body. She is working from home during COVID, fighting cancer, educating 3 girls and trying to stay sane. She THRIVES on community and is missing that so much. She needs these hands on her back. She needs Robin and Kendall and Ally. She might not be able to hit the resistance call outs during her treatment, but being able to get on this bike, forget about what she is dealing with and be able to prove her strength everyday could be life changing.


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