Evelyn S.

Vermont, United States

Single Mom, Social Worker, Breast Cancer Survivor

First let me start by saying I love my peloton. . My peloton was gifted to me by my wonderful husband and my incredibly mother, which brings me to this gift nomination. I would like to nominate my Mom as a recipient of a peloton. My Mom, Evelyn, resides in Vermont and recently battled breast cancer and came on the other end of it stronger than ever in end of '19. My mom is selfless by nature as she adopted me as a single mother from New Delhi India. She worked three jobs throughout my childhood to provide the absolute best for me - education, experiences, and opportunities for growth and development. She raised me vegetarian and always prioritized health in our household, which is why she was so initially defeated when she found out she had breast cancer. She has done everything right all of her life - ate healthy, exercised, grown food at home in her garden, limited alcohol etc. She worked three jobs as I was growing up as she never wanted to give up her call to service to make more money. She worked full-time as a social worker giving back to her community in Burlington,Vermont. My mom deserves a peloton. She deserves something FOR HER. I want her to have the enjoyment of one & I wish I could buy her one myself because she loved spinning but finds it hard to get to the gym.My mom gives, gives&gives -whether its to her family(driving 3.5 hour for the past 5 years to take care of her aging family members in upstate on her weekends), or to the elderly neighbors bringing them home-cooked meals fresh from the garden, or grocery shopping for individuals who just had surgery in the neighborhood, or friends who don't have extended family or children to provide company. I want her to get something back. People unfortunately don't always show her the same back and I want her to feel loved and supported. I love this community and know she would too.


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