Vivian P.

Tennessee, United States

Resilient at Heart

I would like to nominate my mother Vivian Pinkston for your comeback story. My mother is the epitome of resilience. At the age of 17 her mother died of cancer and shortly there after (age 17) my mom was raped in New York City where she grew up. My mother became pregnant from the assault but was determined not to abort her baby. Back then in 1977, abortion was the answer for young teens who became pregnant despite the circumstance. My mother held on to her convictions and had the child and gave her up for adoption. She had always told me that she needed to make sure the baby had an opportunity to live. Years went by and my mother had 2 more children, my brother Raymond and myself. At the age of 17 my brother was murdered for his tennis shoes and they left his body in a ditch like a dog. I witnessed my moms strength of endurance even in the midst of life’s setbacks. My mother worked hard to make sure that I was taken care of and had everything I needed to get an education. To her own detriment over the years I would watch my mother give her last to help someone else and go out of her way to care for others despite what she may have lacked. There was a point in my moms life that she would go to a spin class 5 times a week and she was in the best of health and felt great. Today my mother is 80 pounds over weight with high blood pressure and she presently takes medication to control it. Her doctor encourages her to lose weight but it seems that it’s a struggle for her to get the weight off. She is still beautiful and fabulous at 60 years of age but I know she would do and feel so much better about herself if she was able to have access to a spin bike at home. Every time she sees a Peloton commercial, she says “I wish I owned one of those”. If you were to pick my mother as a candidate, I can assure you that she will become your “poster mom” with the results I know she will do with your training programs. Thanking you in advance for your consideration! BBlessed!


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