Inez S.


From Refugee to Town Champion

Inez is the most wonderful woman I know – THE END! Born in communist Poland, As a young girl her mother fled the regime with Inez resulting in her spending nearly two years in a refugee camp in Traiskirchen, Austria. This “camp” included bunk style dorm housing, no school for the kids and no access to life outside the camp. In 1983, finally given a chance in the United States, Inez came to this new speaking no English and no belonging. Despite this difficult start, Inez is truly a bright star in the lives of her family, friends and community. The mother to two amazing kids, she works tirelessly as a real estate agent, and yet still finds time to volunteer for her town. Inez is the president of a local nonprofit that insures the kids in our community have access to music education. She is also a board member of our town’s local version of the United Way. You would not know from how tirelessly she works for all of us in town, but Inez is also exceptionally uncomfortable in the limelight, while tirelessly shining the light on all the good everyone else does. Despite this, when our town needed someone to step up and run for a local office two years ago, Inez joined the call, and spent months of her free time knocking doors and talking to all our neighbors. Inez has been a life-long runner, using the exercise to deal with stress and keep healthy. Suffering a torn meniscus three years ago, however, and then an injury from a client hitting her with her car door, has taken running from her life. At the same time, her mother suffered a traumatic brain injury in an accident at home, leaving Inez with significant responsibilities for her mother’s care and no outlet for that stress. . How many friends would get up before 5 in the morning to go with someone to NYC to ride in studio to celebrate 400 rides, and not even question when you sign up for two classes… since we were there?


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