Kevin L.

North Carolina, United States

Recapturing the joy of cycling post-amputation

My husband Kevin has always loved cycling. “Riding a bike was such a freeing feeling,” he says. “All of my worries disappeared.” The first time I met Kevin we joined mutual friends on a bike ride. We often rode bikes while dating. When we had our daughter, we expected to ride together as a family. Only when Riley learned to ride, Kevin couldn’t ride with her. Due to severely arthritic knees, he struggled to keep up with the physical demands of parenting a toddler. As he was only 46 and otherwise healthy, doctors expected a complete recovery from the recommended bilateral knee replacement surgery. After the surgery in 2015, his left knee became infected. Six additional surgeries followed, two being total knee replacements. Kevin never gave up. Each surgery brought hope “this one is going to work.” Unfortunately, he ultimately had to choose between leg fusion or amputation. His infected knee, already fused straight by scar tissue, extremely limited his mobility. He wanted to ride a bike again, so he decided on amputation and prosthetics. In June 2019, his leg was amputated above the knee. He received his prosthetic leg four months later. These five years of recovery have been challenging. Still, Kevin kept working on rehabilitation. When he had to stop physical therapy due to COVID-19, he continued exercising at home. This July brought another setback: a double stress fracture in his right ankle. In October, he faces yet another surgery to clean up scar tissue interfering with prosthetic fit. It’s been a long, hard road. Kevin has persisted. Having access to a Peloton at home, and joining the Peloton community, could help motivate his healing journey. He would benefit greatly from recapturing his joy, cycling. Riley seeing her dad on a bike again would also have a tremendous impact. We have already witnessed his continued efforts to overcome these challenges. It would mean so much to see him empowered to move and, via Peloton, motivated to keep overcoming adversity.


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