Tracey B.


Quitting is NEVER an Option!!

Good morning, My name is Tracey and I am a 4year Hodgkins Lymphoma survivor. My love of cycling began about a year after beating cancer. I had gained a substantial amount of weight during my treatment and needed to get my life back. I returned to the gym and started to work with a trainer. Cardio work was extremely hard for me as I had developed neuropathy, and walking on a treadmill felt like I was walking on burning glass, my trainer suggested I try one of our Spin classes...I thought, "No way, those people are crazy"! However, I mustered up the courage to go and found myself really enjoying the class. I continued to go to more classes, eventually signing up for one of the hour long classes. One day it hit me how happy I was cycling, and I decided that I wanted to share that love with others. I continued to sign up for classes daily, sometimes 2 times a day to work on my form, strength, endurance. Certification weekend came and I was pumped to be Mossa approved. In January of 2019 I gave my very first class in front of a group of my peers and Head Coach of the Ride program at my facility and was finally given a class to teach.

Teaching and sharing my love of cycling is something that means so much to me. Due to developing thyroid disease, my weight is something I still struggle with. However, I feel empowered when Im on stage teaching. It doesn't matter what your weight is, cycling is something that everyone can do. Empowering my participants in every class and helping them see that giving up is never an option...even when you are struggling with something that is totally out of your control.

Recently, I rode at the Winter PMC in Fenway to raise money for Dana Farber, the hospital I was treated at. This Ride was my greatest ride to date...but if anything, it helped to reinvigorate my passion for cycling. If I could ride EVERY single day, this would help my cycling goals in so many ways...Thank you for the consideration


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