Pascal P.


Proud Army Veteran

I am writing this comeback story for my husband. Pascal is a combat Army veteran who served two back to back 1 year tours of duty in 2006-2008. While this seems so long ago he's been on a 10+ year road to healing. Many say that veterans make the ultimate sacrifice and I have witnessed firsthand the personal sacrifices that my husband has made as he continuously adjusts to life after war. He suffers from PTSD and anxiety. His recovery has been supported by amazing doctors, therapists, friends, family, and fitness. He has always maintained a smile and positive attitude through it all. Through fitness he has been able to find an outlet for the difficult emotions that are ever present from war. His favorite activities include; crossfit, running, biking, and (his ultimate love) mixed martial arts. He even worked as a personal trainer for a year and loved how the job allowed him to connect and encourage clients to become the best versions of themselves. In 2018 he suffered a pulmonary embolism( blood clots in the lungs). This condition can be fatal. He was hospitalized and put on a blood thinning medication for 6 months. One of his restrictions during this time was-no activity that carried a risk of falls. Any activity where he could fall or be hit forcefully could cause irriversible bleeding in his brain or organs. He tried to walk to stay active but missed the high intensity of his favorite activities. He began to gain weight and become discouraged with his situation. At the end of the 6 month restriction he had gained 30 pounds. He was thankful to be alive but shocked at how much the lack of fitness had impacted his mental health. I am a Peloton app rider and he thought my bike was a perfect low impact way to get into shape. However, he became more discouraged when he tried to use my bike and the seat broke due to his weight. I am writing this in hopes that Pascal can use the bike as he once again bravely conquers the road back to health; mentally and physically.


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