Hannah B.

Illinois, United States

A Pillar of Strength

I am nominating my fiance Hannah for the Peloton Comeback, as she is a pillar of strength.

July 2012: we meet at the beginning of medical school. Shortly into our young relationship, she feels an unusual lump in her neck. The rest is a blur as she undergoes multiple surgeries and radioactive treatment for what is found to be locally metastatic thyroid cancer. Her perseverance is tested over and over again, and she comes out on the other side a stronger and prouder woman, not having missed a beat in her medical training. Years later, her cancer remains at bay.

She redemonstrates this vigor as a resident physician. She spends countless hours and sleepless nights caring for patients with neurologic illness, training younger residents and students, only to face her next hurdle. A pandemic hits, she is asked to rapidly switch roles, to care for the sickest of the sick COVID patients in a makeshift ICU, created by the hospital when faced with an overwhelming influx of patients.

On top of this, her heart breaks with the understanding that this pandemic is to be a marathon and not a race. The wedding she has been planning and preparing for for a year and a half must be postponed. Instead of feeling the excitement and joy that a woman should have in the months leading up to her wedding, she is faced with uncertainties and fear.

But you would never know. The thing about Hannah is that she does what she needs to do and she puts others first, always with a smile on her face. She is an inspiration and she deserves the gift of this Peloton.


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