Shanine J.


The “Persevering” Mom

My older sister married young, birthed a family of 4, and in the midst of nurturing 2 amazing girls and 2 wonderful boys was asked for a divorce! My sister was a full time housewife and had to move back in w/ our mom to maintain a roof over her head not to mention food and clothing for her children. Fast forward to today.. 2 of her 4 children are college graduates, one (the oldest)is a powerful mom of 2, and the youngest is in his 3 semester of college. She truly preserved and put her family 1st. Now that the children are adults my sister is caring for my mom who is 83. She loves my Peloton. I even added her to my subscription but she is not able to be gone without a full plan of who is taking care of what in her home. She once explained to me if she could get away long enough to come to my house to ride she could make it to the gym which is closer. She is trying to re-focus on herself and both she and my mother’s health. They get out for a walk most mornings but what a blessing it would be if she and my mom had a bike/community to support them both while they improve their health. As you know Peloton is not just a bike...that love, support, and push...the connections you build...all improve your quality of live. Please consider this person who has given so much to so many and asked for nothing in return.
PS I tried to post more photos but it wouldn’t let me.



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