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Overcoming Postpartum and finding the best form of motivation

Mental health, postpartum specifically, is not something many people feel comfortable talking journey started roughly six years ago. I went from having the happiest most fulfilling moment in my life suddenly feeling unworthy, self conscious and despite being surrounded by those who loved me, I felt alone and unloved. I struggled for many months not knowing what was truly wrong. You read stories and convince yourself that you are not depressed..because you are not self harming or neglecting your child. My comfort came in the form of emotional eating. If I was not feeling like getting out of bed, I'd convince myself that I could go and gorge myself until I was satisfied if I would only get out of bed. I started a cycle of medication when things became too much, I cried every day for an hour or more because I just felt so alone. After about a year or so...I thought I was ok to get off of medication. Although the feelings of overwhelming sadness continued, they never reached peak because I would use food to regulate my emotions. Last year I found a new medicine that helped me overcome the chemical imbalances that had led to not only partum, but also my major depression and binge eating diagnis. I've been medication free for the betrer part of six months but alot of the physical weight gain has remained. About two weeks ago, I had a moment of clarity, I saw as my son was growing and how I have more frequently sitting out of activities because I can't keep up physically. I'm determined to turn my life around and have extensively researched the benefits of spin cycling and would love to purchase a Peleton bike, but it is cost prohibitive. Please consider my submission, it would be life changing for not only myself, but my son as well. I would be more active in his school and athletic activities instead of always sitting it out and watching.

Thank you for your consideration.



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