Amanda M.

Arizona, United States

Overcoming Covid-19

I work as a physician assistant in allergy, asthma and immunology. Unlike a lot of other outpatient practices, my offices remained open the entirety of the pandemic because we strongly feel that we owe that to our very high-risk patients. While we have been doing telemedicine and virtual visits, mostly everything has been in-person. While I have a strong support system, I am in Arizona and the rest of my family and boyfriend are across the country and I'm unable to see them. Also because of continued exposure on a daily basis, I have been forced to continue to self-quarantine away from friends, even as our state re-opens.

I enjoy trail running and staying active, however the pandemic has derailed this. It was one thing that kept me sane. There's also risk for worse outcomes with Covid in marathon runners, even young ones, so I've been worried about continuing to run and contract a severe type of illness.

So, I brought out my old spin bike I bought second hand years ago (not a Peleton, unfortunately) to continue to be active while I'm quarantined. But it is very old and does not work well. I felt my best in months for the 2 weeks I was able to consistently ride, and had the My Peleton app to keep me motivated (looking at you, @robinnyc). Last week, it finally broke or was worn enough where I cannot use it any longer.

The Covid pandemic has taken a toll on a lot of us. I am grateful to my colleagues in the ER's and ICU's but the outpatient providers helping to keep patients out of the hospital are also heroes. We are exposed, with less PPE, and less help with diagnostics such as swabs or Xrays. I have years of experience in emergency medicine, and I am contracted with a local hospital to help on weekends, where I'm needed. AZ has gained national attention for the Covid cases lately so this will be soon. It has been a challenging time mentally and emotionally.

I am submitting myself for this for all these reasons. I appreciate you. Thank you.


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