DeAnn K.

Arizona, United States

Nurse First

Nurse, wife, mama, FIRST, always. I found my passion for nursing when I was 12 years old. My baby brother was born in 1991 with multiple special needs. It was with him that I started my journey learning to care selflessly for someone that depended on me 100%. I spent a lot of time at the hospital with my brother. During that time I had the pleasure of witnessing many nurses that displayed such compassion and dedication to caring for others. I knew immediately that I wanted to be a nurse and care for others at their most vulnerable and scary moments. I wanted to truly be there for others and hold a hand, wipe a tear, give a hug in support. Having my brother come into my life has been my biggest blessing. He taught me unconditional love and true compassion for others; and a nurse was born. So I became a nurse and eventually a mommy. Along the way I struggled with infertility, suffered miscarriages, and eventually had two beautiful children. Before having children I was regularly working out in the gym, I loved spin classes. As time went on as a mom with two little ones and a demanding job that required me working midnights, I started to lose myself. I started to change mentally and emotionally. Both jobs as a mom and nurse are very taxing physically and emotionally and I gave 110% to my patients and kids, but that left very little for me. I didn't feel like investing time in myself was worth it. I just didn't have time. I WAS TIRED. My weight crept up along with my cholesterol and BP. I woke up one day and didn't even recognize myself. I quickly realized that I had to change something so that my health wouldn't get worse. How can I be a good role model to my kids and patients if I don't follow my own advice? I have always dreamed of having a Peloton bike, but it just is not in the cards financially. It would be amazing to get on that bike in my home and get out of my head anytime. Either way, something has to happen. This NURSE is making a comeback!



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