Maria Del Consuelo M.


Not Like It's Brain Surgery

My sister-in-law, Consuelo Martinez, is one of the strongest humans I know. In February, she and her wife Angelica received devastating news, testing their strength and resolve. Consuelo had been suffering headaches, feeling like a balloon was expanding in her head whenever she exerted any physical effort. Doctors chalked her symptoms up to tension/stress headache exacerbated by the challenge of raising 2 active young children while working full time. Treatment attempts were unsuccessful, and MRI revealed a large meningioma involving her cerebrum and cerebellum. Too large for radiation therapy, surgery was her only option. Worse, surgeons could not remove the entire tumor due to adjacent blood vessels at risk for hemorrhage. Angelica & Consuelo proceeded with surgery despite the risk. The active Moms couldn’t envision a life plagued by worsening debilitating headaches. After surgery in March, Consuelo woke up immediately joking with her wife. Unfortunately, recovery would not proceed as planned. Once off pain medication, Consuelo suffered from severe vertigo and could not stand without intense dizziness and vomiting. Repeat MRI revealed a cerebellar hernia at the surgical site causing her extreme symptoms. She couldn’t walk without a walker/cane, couldn’t drive and couldn’t work. The news couldn’t have felt worse. She was despondent. Consuelo decided she would not accept the vertigo without a fight. She got up, taking a short walk across her bedroom. Walks grew in length and intensity. Slowly. With each step she grew stronger, more steady, and she eventually weaned herself from the vertigo medication. Last month she returned to work. Consuelo NEVER GIVES UP. I nominate Consuelo for the Peloton Comeback because she embodies perseverance and is a shining example of what it means to move forward every day no matter how small the motion. A Peloton would be the PERFECT next step on her journey.



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