Thanh L.

Delaware, United States

My fighting power

My name is Thanh and I am currently working as a hospitalist in Newark, Delaware. My husband, Anthony Petrole, works as a physician assistant in the emergency department at the same hospital. This January, we received great news that we were going to become first time parents after trying for over a year. We were behind ecstatic And can wait to share our new love with the world. I remember reading the news as the coronavirus started in china and realizing that the months ahead would be a great unknown. Within the last three months, not only have we treaded through unknown territory, it is one filled with tremendous fear and anxiety. We both continued to work in the front line as we comfort one another each and every day to keep calm for patients, our unborn child and our family. Our biggest fear is bringing harm to a child who Has no self defense against this illness. Our biggest hope though Is to bring him into the world that is safer because we have won the battle. I wish I could do more, help more at work in this time of need but everything that I choose to do is no longer about myself. On top of fear and anxiety our family is faced with a financial crisis as my parents’ business is forced to close and my husband faces cut back on his hours and benefits. In turn I resulted to working as many extra shits as I could to support our family while helping my parents lie for loans and hover support. Some days I’m not sure how to keep the smile on my face. But I realized my patients are much braver than I am as they are fighting for their lives. We will get through this one step at a time with our best foot forward. At least as each week passed, our baby is getting stronger and have a much higher chance of survival if I am to contract the virus. Morbid, yes, very much so. But logically this is light at the end of the tunnel - my fighting power. We each have something we are fighting for everyday and that is what brings us hope and will carry us through.


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