Laura C.

Arizona, Canada

My Cancer Journey

My name is Laura. I am a health and phys ed teacher at a sports school that is publicly funded by the government. I am head of Alternative Education and work with a high level athletes to help them complete their high school courses.

I was diagnosed with triple negative breast cancer during covid (April 2020). I have done IVF, chemo, radiation and surgery to help to ensure there is no reoccurrence. I was lucky with the help of Womens College Hospital and my ability to advocate for my health. I am trying to get back on track in terms of fitness and need to get back in the swing of things.

I used to be very into sports and all things yoga and still am, it's just a bit of a transition as I try and build back my strength. I am working with different breast cancer organizations to try and start back to training and want to do the run for the cure and the bike ride to fight to conquer cancer.

I love cycling, yoga and weight training. I have completed a triathlon in the past and am committed to building my health. There is a 40% of my cancer not reoccurring if I am active.

I want to dedicate my life to healthy active living through the use of different tools. I have been off work for a little bit but am getting back into things. I have been doing yoga virtually of course and working with rethink breast cancer and pink pearl Canada to ensure we are able to provide opportunities with women facing this disease.

I am finding it financially hard to afford everything so would love the opportunity to have a peloton to help with my fitness goals and building up my fitness. I know it will be helpful and I will ensure that everyone I know will know I am using it. I need a kick start I need to prioritize my health goals. I am so lucky I was diagnosed and great care from Princess Margaret and Womens College Hospital. I am committed to helping other survivors and thinking up new ways to ensure this disease is detected early.


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