Elana A.

Florida, United States

My Amazing Bride

I am constantly in awe of what my wife handles day to day, with a smile always on her face. She puts us all first, pushing her wants and needs to the back burner. She has been the rock in our family through some seriously difficult times.

Our daughter was born in 2011. My wife was released from the hospital after undergoing a horrible c-section. Only two days later, her dad was admitted to the same hospital for an emergency brain surgery. We had been given the worst news possible; the tumor that was detected in his brain would kill him, quickly! She didn't waiver in her strength, not for a minute. She took care of our newborn and our two year old son, sat at the hospital to comfort her mom, went back to work a week later, and somehow kept our house in order. She never took a smile off her face, even though a part of her was dying inside. She pushed aside her needs to make our family function and stay whole. Throughout the year that followed that first surgery, she continued to keep it all together. She visited her dad every single day! She felt it was important to bring him a smile, even though she was watching him quickly deteriorate. Her father died a year later. He was a wonderful person who we all loved. It would be impossible to describe the hole he left when he left. I know my wife felt totally lost without him. But, I also know my wife did everything she could to be present for my children and I throughout. My mother-in-law was depressed and lonely for a long time. My wife was the only one who could set aside her own grief in order to help her mother get through her bereavement.

Not too long after, I was laid off from a job, and we had a very difficult time financially for the following two years. I started losing myself, panicking about needing to sell the house and get a 2nd or even 3rd job to figure out how to keep us afloat. My wife somehow had the ability to set me straight and help keep me focused on what I needed to stay focused


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