William H.

Indiana, United States

Motivated to Move

Here is the text I sent to friends and family on June 7th, 2019.

“Last night at about 6pm Bill had a bicycle accident a couple of blocks from our house. He was “bookin’ it” to beat the rain and the bike just went out from under him on a corner. His injuries include a broken clavicle, shattered scapula, 5 broken ribs, pneumo and hemo thorax and lots of road rash. All on his right side. He started out at the ER closest to our house and was transported by ambulance to IU Methodist since it is a Trauma Center and better equipped to handle his injuries. It was scary, but with lots of time will heal. You know, he is pretty tough!”

It is 7 months later and with a week in the hospital and lots of physical therapy he is doing well. As with all traumatic injury, life is never the same. It is a long process and you find out that community is really important. Bill is fortunate to work at IU Health with people who are skilled at encouraging those with health challenges. As a bariatric psychologist, he encourages movement. Since he works with people who struggle with weight-related health conditions, he now is able to use this experience to encourage others to find ways to safely exercise. The Peloton is an ideal solution for those with weather and/or safety related barriers.

He has gotten back on the bike. But, Indiana winters make it difficult to ride and bike outdoors. Bill has sacrificed financially for our family and has always provided for the four of us before himself. The gift of a Peloton would be tremendous motivation to keep his healing journey moving forward and to help motivate others to begin their own journey.


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