Kendra B.


Mom on the Mend

In 2011 I was married and gave birth to my first daughter. My marriage was verbally and emotionally abusive, and my daughters sadly witnessed an uneccisarry amount of toxic behavior. After the birth of my third daughter I couldn't dream of exposing another child to the environment we were currently living in and chose to seperate from my spouse. As a single mom of three little girls my health priorites were set aside and I was in full on survival mode of maintaining a household, a job as a special education teacher and raising them in a way consistent with my values. Over the course of the past four and a half years I have become more confident and happy than ever, but I have noticed a decline in my physcial health and weight gain making it more difficult to keep up with their energy. The only real "mom time" is one the girls are in bed, making it nearly impossible to get to the gym. Being granted a Peloton would allow me to become in charge of my health once again and model a healthy life style for my girls.


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