Peggy B.


Mom and 3 time Cancer survivor

I can’t remember a time in my life that my mom wasn’t battling an illness, not that it’s ever let her effect her or our family. When I was young, my mother was diagnosed with a brain tumor, later determined to be cancer, which has caused left side tremors since. After undergoing brain surgery, the cancer was deemed to be ‘stable’ and he had lived with the side effects since. At the age of 39 she fought breast cancer for the first time, undergoing chemo and radiation, while never missing a day as a school nurse. Recently, after finally deciding to get reconstructive surgery to fix the damage left by her previous breast cancer surgeries, she was diagnosed with cancer for a third time and had a radical double mastectomy. In preparation for her latest surgeries and to help with reconstruction efforts, she has for used on her nutrition and lost over 30 pounds. Continuing on with a healthier lifestyle, she is working to add exercise into her routine. Right now, she does this through walking her dog and brief periods on the elliptical, as she has trouble on treadmills or weight training due to her brain tumor and left side tremors and weakness. I really think cycling could be the exercise that works for her and the community of peloton could help her stay committed to her healthy lifestyle. Through everything, my mom has never stopped giving to others. She was a military spouse for over 20 years, often responsible for caring for myself and my siblings on her own while my dad was away. On top of that, she raised us while taking nursing classes and becoming an RN. I’d love for her to be able to take this recovery time to focus on herself and her well being, like she has helped so many others do.


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