Corey M.

Rhode Island, United States

“ A minor setback, for a major comeback” 🦵

On November 6th in the recovery room following surgery some of Corey’s first words were “this is only a minor setback for a major comeback.”

This is my bestfriend Corey. Before October 25, 2019 Corey gave his all at work everyday, he was an avid gym goer , hiker, bike rider, and overall active person. On October 25, 2019 following an accident at work Corey suffered from a leg injury that left him with a shattered tibia and meniscus and multiple torn ligaments. Finally, After an extensive surgery, a lot of screws, metal plates, and stitches... Corey is on the road to recovery.
For the first few months of recovery Corey has been non-weight bearing and his left leg was left immobile. As a very active person this kind of setback has put a toll on him physically and mentally. Along with this injury, Corey is a diabetic and his physical health is extremely important to him. Corey is in the process of rebuilding majority of his leg muscles as well as relearning how to walk and perform everyday tasks in hopes of getting back to work and his active lifestyle.
Due to insurance purposes Corey only attends physical therapy 2 hours a week.. also being out of work- a gym membership is not an option.

I believe Corey having the opportunity to have access to a peloton bike would boost him up mentally and physically beyond words. He is more motivated and eager than ever to get back to his active lifestyle.



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