Lori Y.

Kansas, United States

Military Spouse, Mom and ER Nurse

I'm writing today to share the story of an amazingly strong woman who has inspired me greatly. When I met Lori we were neighbors on Fort Riley, an Army base in the middle of KS. She is, to me, the epitome of a woman that's working her *ss off, trying to have it all. She is an Army wife (which means she frequently solo parents), a veteran of the armed forces herself (prior Air Force), a ER nurse (which means he solo parents often also), a stepmother to a teenage girl, a mother to 3 kids from ages 6 to 16 and a very involved daughter/granddaughter (her family is one of the lucky few to be within a few hours of family). When we met she was dealing with weight issues and wanted to have lap band surgery. She knew that in order to do that there were lifestyle changes that had to happen first. Once she made up her to mind to change her life, she was committed. To date, Lori has lost over 100 lbs (and it hasn't even been a year post surgery yet!). She's been killing it, but even with 2 incomes prioritizing her new healthy lifestyle can take its toll on a family's budget. That's why I want to nominate her as a comeback recipient, because I believe 100% that she is the kind of inspirational person Peloton is looking to highlight. She's finding a way to balance changing her life to focus on her health; while balancing a very important job, a husband in the armed forces and 3 kids. She used to work out at the on post gyms, but they've all been restricted to Army personnel only. If there's any time to help reward our nurses, especially one as deserving as Lori, I believe the time is now. Thank you for your time and attention.



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