Ruby T.


In memory of my big brother.

It was a Sunday afternoon in 2015 that I received a phone call telling me that my brother died, that he had taken his own life. In the weeks and months to come I would find myself shying away from talking about what took his life, embarrassed and ashamed to say it was suicide. I find myself still wanting answers, wanting to know what I or anyone could have done. More than anything wishing I would have said "how are you? No really, how are you?”. In the years from 2015 on I would battle depression myself and with it, battle my physical health. The scale saw my weight drop by 40lbs and then watched it increase by those same 40lbs. That’s where I am today. I want to comeback for my brother and find support from this amazing community, knowing physical health helps mental health. I do not want to be afraid to tell or share this story, his story. There’s nothing shameful or embarrassing about suicide or depression. Saying you’re not ok, is more than ok and everyday is a day to continue your comeback.



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