Ivan L.

Texas, United States

Off meds for good!

After college, working in fast paced environments where Ivan devoured his food in 5 mins or less, his health began to take a toll on him. In 2015 our mother was diagnosed with breast cancer. Fast forward to 2018 and a lot of stress later, our mom was diagnosed for the 3rd time and was on stage 4. Later that year, our mom passed away. The picture on the left was at his heaviest, a month after our mom passed away. Diabetes, blood pressure and colesterol were out of control and something had to be done. Ivan was the perfect candidate for the gastric sleeve. Fast forward to today, the picture on the right is him low. The lightest he has been since high school. Ivan has managed to keep the weight off for a year now and is living its life medication free! He would love to work out but with a busy work schedule and family life, it’s challenging to go to the gym. A Peloton would be perfect for him to hop on at home and would also motivate his entire family to follow in his footsteps! I’m so proud of my brother for taking the steps to change his habits and live a healthier life.



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