Jay J.

Nebraska, United States

A Medical Student working tirelessly to help others

I nominate my Fiancé Jay for the Peloton Comeback award. I first met him in 2018 when he was a first-year medical student and from the first day, I was blown away by his life story. Jay was born in China and lived the first six years of his life with his grandparents while his parents immigrated to America. When he finally arrived in Nebraska, he couldn’t speak a single word of English. Despite all of the challenges, he worked tirelessly to make friends and thrive in his new environment. He managed to graduate Valedictorian of his 500-person high school class and studied tireless to make it into medical school.

Over the past three years, I have seen his dedication to medicine and to his patients firsthand. He works tirelessly to advocate for his patients and goes above and beyond to ensure they get the best care. When COVID hit, he volunteered with local organizations to help support relief efforts and has since returned to the hospital to help care for patients, doing whatever he can to brighten their day. He is also a huge advocate for education and created an online initiative during COVID called UroResidency to connect medical students to residency programs due to a travel embargo on interviews ( which has greatly helped many students.

In the past year, I have seen the toll COVID took on him through the long hours he had to work in the hospital and yet he still took time to volunteer and help create UroResidency for his fellow students. He has avoided seeing his parents due to fear of infecting them and is unable to focus on his health. He would love a Peloton but is living on loans from medical school. A Peloton would change his life by allowing him to prioritize his health and help relax after a long day. He is my rock and I want him to see how loved and appreciated he is by others. Thank you Peloton!


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