Jennifer Anne H.


The Long Road Home

I’ve had a love for bikes, manual and motor, for most of my life. In 2017, a truck hit me on my motorcycle while on the way home from work, leaving me with life threatening injuries that included a fractured spine, a pelvis broken in 6 places, two broken arms, with one of them near amputation, and complete severing of the nerve supply. I worked diligently to learn to use my hands again for the most basic tasks such as buttoning my shirt or brushing my teeth, or feeding myself. I also worked hard to come out of the wheelchair and walk again. While I am no longer able to run due to the back injuries, cycling has become even more of a go to than it was previously. I had been a serious outdoor cycler prior to the accident, but now, I’ve become a member of the Peloton digital world and am absolutely smitten with Cody, Alex, Leanne, and Tunde. I read a quote years ago that said “Scars only form on the living. It means I survived.” My scars don’t bother me. They are many, but they are part of my beautiful canvas in this life. The first responders and health care teams saved my life and literally pieced me together like Humpty Dumpty. And now, although I am anatomically “crooked” as I affectionally call am thrilled to be alive with working limbs and a chance to fulfill my life’s mission. I’ve recently come to the stage of trying to build my legs back and Peloton digital has been HUGE in my personal progress. The instructors I mentioned make me laugh and cry with joy and literally sing out loud. I am not able to afford a Peloton bike right now and it sure would be a dream come true to have one to help me continue on my healing journey. I share weekly with people all over the world how much I enjoy the Peloton app, even on my current stationery bike. But I sure would love to plug directly in and hope you will give my story consideration. I’m Elie from Orlando, Florida and I’m on my 68th ride!


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