Amy C.

California, United States

Living LIFE to the FULLEST

I am writing on behalf of one of my friends, Amy who was diagnosed with stage IV metastatic breast cancer in 2019. She is a single mom with a 15 year old daughter. She volunteers her time at local schools, and is a foster parent for many dogs waiting for adoptions. She deeply cares for her community and people around her.

She experienced severe back pain during the Summer of 2019. After months of treatments and chemotherapy, around Thanksgiving of 2019 Amy got word that the cancer had spread to her brain. She had surgery around the holidays and had those tumors removed. She is a fighter and has beaten the odds with her treatments and clinical trials. Her latest brain scans showed ups and downs. She is getting daily oral treatments, taking care of her daughter , and fostering dogs when there is a need. Due to the current CONVID-19 situation, she had to give up her gym membership due to a compromised immune system and being exposed to germs. Not being able to get to the gym affects her physical outlet she desires and needs, not only physically, but mentally and emotionally. Having a bike at her home will help her to get back on her physical outlet. I truly cannot think of anymore more deserving of this gift than my dear friend. Thank you for your consideration.


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