Harrison’s G.

Virginia, United States

In the Line of Fire

My husband, Harrison, is my hero. The only flaw he has is that he wouldn’t take my maiden name (Ford) and legally be Harrison Ford...but aside from that- he’s a dream husband.

Harrison is a firefighter. He rides in charge of the fire truck at station 12. He works 24 hour long shifts away from his family (and I can say this- with not nearly enough compensation as they deserve for risking their lives), and every time he steps through the station doors he knows there’s a chance he may not come home.

He protects me at all costs, which means sometimes carrying the emotional load of having to pull a child or a pet out of a fire. He doesn’t come home and tell me so that he won’t upset me (I usually find out from someone else). He has always used exercise as a form of stress relief, and he also knows the importance of staying healthy so that he can save himself, his coworkers, or others, from a fire.

But that’s not all. He works fire AND EMS. He is an EMT on the front line of this corona pandemic. A nursing home in his county made national news for having so many corona patients. He was already putting his life at risk before, but now, there is an entirely new risk on top of it.

Last year I started taking him to spinning classes with me. He was initially doing it to support me, but started loving it as much I do. He got me a peloton for my birthday (the best) and loves to use it. But he’s not home 10+ full days out of the month, and now with gyms being inaccessible, he needs a way to continue to work out and keep his stress level down.

I want him to win a bike for the fire station. They have a little (tiny) workout room, in dire need of cardio equipment. I want to give not only him, but his entire station, a way to relieve stress and enjoy exercise. They deserve that more than most.



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