Lindsay D.

Ontario, Canada

Lindsay is home, where she belongs surrounded by family & friends after a long 12 years away.

My best friend of over 25 years has dual citizenship and her work has always kept her abroad until the pandemic entered our lives and she packed up her suitcases and moved home (Toronto) from California. This is the first time in 12 years she is back home, where she belongs surrounded by friends and family. Lindsay has had a few bumps on her road of life, whether it be getting divorced a year to the day of their first year anniversary, moves from Florida to California for work, a few not so nice bosses (or boyfriends in between) and more recently by taking a job in Toronto, finding her perfect condo (with a gym that had a Peloton Bike until we went back to stage 2), having all of her personal items from LA shipped home (cost of over 5k) to have realized after a few months into the job it wasn't the right fit. She is now having to leave her new home to move in with her parents (north of the city) & start over again. This is a blessing in disguise but also comes with many challenges. She is now ready for her comeback in all sorts, her personal life (finally going on dates again), her physical & mental well being (she has stocked up on every "start over" motivational book from Indigo), rides my bike whenever she is over and has found her new passion for interior design, online learning here she comes. She is the first to be by myside no matter the ask; help me with a garage sale, move from the burbs to my dream town, dress up in 80's fashion to celebrate my 40th (Flash Dance of course), make my kids pancakes or take our dog for the night. She is the best. She deserves the best and with the help of her own Peloton Bike, she will now have the consistency to keep her health top of mind and stop sharing my shoes!


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