Natasha S.


just keep moving

In November 2016 I was on top of the world after running the New York City Marathon. I was a strong, healthy and happy mother of two young kids. Then shockingly, I found a lump, and weeks later was diagnosed with cancer. After undergoing surgery to remove the cancer, I was told that I would need chemotherapy. My goal during chemo was to keep moving, even on the worst of days, just move my body. Sometimes that meant walking my six year old to school, and going to bed for the rest of the day, but it was something and I was moving my body. After chemo, I moved onto radiation and kept moving until I celebrated finishing treatment in May of 2018. I spent the rest of 2018 recovering from the fatigue, loss of range of motion, and countless other emotional and physical side effects due to the months of treatment.
In January 2019 I had what should have been my last surgery. I kept moving and in April completed my 200 hour yoga teacher training. Weeks after completion I found out that there were complications from my previous surgery that would require me to spend an extended amount of time healing. Four months. Two more surgeries. Weeks of antibiotics. Weekly doctor visits. Depression. But perhaps the worst of all, was the toll it took on my family: Not being able to lift my young daughter; Not being able to swim with my son. And then the all clear, and a chance to keep moving again: yoga, spin, and running.
Next week, with great trepidation I'll head into surgery 7, and with any luck this one will put me back together again. My goal, as always will be to keep moving for myself, and for my family for a long time to come.



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