Rachelle K.


Juggle, Hustle, Repeat

Juggle. Hustle. Repeat. That is the blog Rachelle recently started. It chronicles her life as a full-time working mom and caregiver to her dear husband who has multiple sclerosis and is confined to a wheel chair. Rachelle juggles managing public relations for a healthcare organization, coordinating school and extra-curricular activities for her kids, and her husband’s daily care all with grace. She hustles in every aspect of her life and repeats each day with the same grace and tenacity as the previous one. I am nominating her for the Peloton comeback story because Rachelle has recently started to focus on taking care of herself and focusing on her health to be able to be the best caregiver possible for her husband and children. Due to her demanding work schedule and needing to be home with the kids after school, a Peloton bike would help Rachelle and her family incorporate exercise into their daily routine. As an avid Peloton user, I know the benefits of exercising for both the mental and physical well-being of our family. Our family now enjoys doing yoga classes together, we have created our own mini family challenges, and, as a mom, the support and confidence the Peloton community has given me is invaluable. I would love to give Rachelle and her family the same experience we've had with Peloton!



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