Edith U.

Washington, United States

Journey to a healthier lifestyle

My mom has a heart of gold. Over the years, she has loved her family endlessly making sure all our needs are met. In doing so, she has sometimes forgotten about herself. In the last two years, she has been working on regaining a healthy lifestyle. These goals have led her to going back to work for the first time in 9 years, transitioning to a completely vegetarian diet, and adopting a more active lifestyle. With these changes, I have seen a great shift in her happiness as she is truly enjoying what she is doing.
My mom works as a paraeducator and each day she lights up telling me about her student’s growth and progression. While her job brings significant joy, I also recognize her hard work. Many of her teenaged students are disabled and unable to take care of their basic necessities, making remote learning not an option. As such, my mom, at the age of 63, with several underlying conditions, has placed herself at significant risk to Covid-19 exposure so her students have a chance to continue their education and not regress. As you would expect, this role comes with significant physical demands that include lifting and transferring all of which take a toll on her back and joints. Never once has my mom complained about the grueling nature of her work and instead, I have seen my mom provide the same love and care to her students as she does our family.
Staying active has remained a priority for her, especially with the physical demands of her work. The pandemic and winter climate have created small setbacks, but nonetheless my mom withholds all complaints and maintains her motivation. She is always searching for new, creative way to stay active within the house, but misses the social interaction from exercising with her friends. I am beyond proud of her and know that a Peloton would help her maintain her motivation and upward trajectory. The fact that we could take classes together, while being 1,000 miles apart is particularly motivating for both of us.


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