Jason D.

North Carolina, United States

Jason overcomes 5cm brain tumor after 14 hour emergency surgery

My friend Jason is VERY deserving of the Comeback award. Jason (40) & his wife, & kids live in Raleigh, NC. Jason’s a fun-loving, easy-going, hardworking, kind spirited man. Last year, he had ongoing headaches & visited several doctors/specialists with no diagnosis. Jason hit 40 this year so he attributed some symptoms to age. He took a wknd trip to NY to see his parents & watch the Bills play-during the game on Nov 3 he felt a tingle in his brain, went to the ER-had an MRI which showed a brain mass requiring emergency surgery. He was admitted & he had a craniotomy on Nov 6. His family flew to NY to be with him. It took 14 hrs to remove a “giant” 5cm tumor & 1 day later had to undergo surgery again due to bleeding. Both surgeries went well-he’s making progress daily but the recovery period has been tough. He used a walker & took OT to gain back speech. The tumor was wrapped around his cochlear-he lost some facial nerves & has paralysis on the left side of his face & is deaf in his left ear. His family went back to NC & he stayed in NY to finish PT, OT & follow-up dr appts. At PT, he cycled & loved it! He was cleared by his neurosurgeon to go home to NC-made the 11 hr car trip with his parents. This has been a traumatic, life changing event for the family. Throughout, he has shown resilience & strength. He has current restrictions & can’t do his normal activities: playing with kids, running, weights or going to the gym-the florescent lighting sets off headaches. He looked at buying a Peloton in the past but with current medical bills piling up & not being able to work a normal schedule, purchasing a Peloton has gone on the back burner. Being gifted a Peloton would be amazing for Jason – he could work out at home, increase strength, balance & feel a part of the Pelo community. As a Pelo owner (#colleenryan) the bike & community got me through my PPD after childbirth & this bike would do wonders for his physical & mental wellness


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