Kaitlyn G.


It's More Than a Comeback; It's Transformation

The fall was quick, the work of the paramedics fast, and the feelings, numbness, pain and fear set in without warning. A simple fall from a bouldering wall, approximately twelve feet high, instantly took away my ability to walk, burned to the ground life as I had created it, and would change my trajectory forever. A fractured left ankle and a dislocated right ankle with damage to my right talus bone would lead to three surgeries over the course of the next three months and a fourth surgery nine months after the fall, that fused my right ankle together with a cadaver bone and two gnarly screws nearly double the size of the screws placed in my left ankle days after the fall. “Catastrophic,” the surgeons told me. It took twenty-one months from the fall to get to the final post op appointment with my surgeon. The fall may have been quick but the following months of teaching in my classroom, confined to a wheelchair, and the sheer process of learning to stand back up took time. Finding the courage to create a new life and choose joy regardless of the circumstances took time to fully live out. The transformation of this experience is evident in my everyday life and now I ride my new gravel bike as frequently as possible because it is the only pain free movement for my ankles. It represents freedom, hope, it connects me with people I love, and it is a source of pure joy. Riding helps me remember to celebrate any and all healthy movement as true miracles. I do not know what the future holds but I do know that forward movement, driven from within, will unfold into the realization of dreams I never knew possible. However, the destinations no longer ignite my spirit but more so the miles to get there. Receiving a Peloton bike would be an incredible gift aiding in my determination to continue to create an active lifestyle with ankles that are now and forever structured differently with limitations. Thank you for your consideration for this most gracious gift!
~Kaitlyn, CO


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