Mike O.

New York, United States


In July 2019, my brother Mike broke his neck and suffered a severe spinal cord injury from diving into a lake that left him unable to move freely at age 30. After his injury, Doctors weren’t sure Mike would be able to walk again. Mike has always been a tremendous athlete. He was an accomplished college lacrosse player at Washington & Lee University and since graduating, he enjoyed skiing and playing sports with friends. While living in New York and working at a hedge fund, Mike trained rigorously to maintain his personal fitness by boxing and taking indoor cycling and yoga classes.
After his accident, he started with almost no feeling in his left leg or arm. Mike has fought through tough physical therapy sessions every day for the last 6 months and is able to walk again. Yoga classes have really helped Mike rebuild his strength over the last few months. He is at a stage in his recovery where hopping on a Peloton bike may help him get to the next level and eventually work toward getting back to the things he loves. Mike has the most powerful zest for life of anyone I know. He will come back and I really think Peloton can help him get there.



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