Marlena B.

Rhode Island

I fight for my Family with Stage 4 Breast Cancer.

My journey, my fight, began in 2017. I was always a go-geeter, workaholic, and fitness enthusiast. Until it all came to a complete stop. I was 32 weeks pregnant and in my third semester of College when we heard the words "it's Cancer." My husband froze. What do you do when anyone hears those dreadful words. All I could think about was my unborn daughter. What is going to happen to her! My team of doctors took action and we all decided that having her come early was the best decision. Delivery was planned at 35.5 weeks. I was so scared but I had to fight harder then ever now because I have another child coming. My family depends on me. After a successful delivery, we started active treatment. While doing more scans, the doctors noticed lesions in my liver, which turned my diagnosis from stage 2/3 to Invasive breast cancer. I wouldn't let that stop me. While undergoing active treatment, I stayed in college with the help of my husband and professors and graduated with high honors. I have treatment every three weeks but I don't let that stop me from being an active member in my son's school and activities. I gather up all my energy to play with my daughter and take care of her with the help of my husband. This bike would be a great gift not only for me but for him as well. I can get back to be a healthier version of myself and my husband we be able to stay healthy while caring for me at home when I am sick. This diagnosis might have stopped me in my tracks and taking away my love of kickboxing but it won't take away my fight.


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