Lisa C.


I am fighting for my students

Lisa is a comeback story of the first order: a fighter who gives everything she has to her high school students in Saginaw, MI. This story could have ended 27 years ago, when Lisa struggled with addiction. She not only fought through that tough chapter but has been a sponsor and role model to others struggling with addiction on her road to recovery. She got clean, but was a broke single mom of two trying to find a future in the hardscrabble town of Saginaw, MI. Lisa worked at McDonalds and anywhere else she could to care for her little girl and boy. Lisa's love in life was words: books and writing. Though addiction interrupted her education, once clean, she got herself through college with a goal of teaching. Even more impressive, she got herself to graduate school and certified to teach, while raising her two kids. Lisa has devoted the last 21 of her life to teaching English to high school kids in Saginaw, a town with a median income of $29,000. Her students struggle, but Lisa's passion for words drives her to commit everything she has to her students, going so far as getting the producers of the Broadway show Hamilton to donate tickets a reward one of her hardest workers. Lisa personally drove the student 13 hours (each way!) cross the country to make this one in a lifetime experience possible.
As a child, Lisa was a competitive diver. She lost touch with fitness during her period of addiction, but exercise has played a key role in her recovery and wellness since. Four years ago, when Lisa was 55, a misstep out of a car, landed her with a severe compound leg fracture. Intensive surgery, months of therapy and spinning in her local gym allowed her to fight her way back. And then, last year, she slipped on a wet spot on a kitchen floor and fractured her knee cap. She taught class in a wheelchair! Slowly, again, she is fighting her way back. A Peloton bike would be a transformative gift to this remarkable person who has given so much to others.


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