Barry V.

Iowa, United States

He’s a giver

I’m submitting this on behalf of my husband, Barry. I know you’ve heard it all from everyone he or she is the most selfless person ever but with every fiber of my being I believe it to be true of Barry. Barry was born into a family of very tight knit brothers. He is a 5th generation farmer. Farming alongside his brothers. Right out of high school Barry got started farming with his dad. Shortly after, his dad received a Parkinson’s disease diagnosis. Unbeknownst to us there are many different types of Parkinson’s and unfortunately his dad was diagnosed with a very progressive one. Barry had to grow up quickly and make big financial decisions on behalf of his father. He is pretty much providing for not only me and our children but his parents as well. In between feeding his parents cattle 24/7 and 365 days a year , he takes care of their land. He sees his dad every day. His parents live right by us. He has coffee and lunch with him and his mom. Making them feel involved in the day to day yet makes his dad feel so good. He takes his dad to the bathroom. Gets him into his wheelchair. Among many other things. I know deep down Barry is scared of getting what his father has and we know that movement and exercise is SO incredibly important with Parkinson’s disease. Barry is a regular runner but he has a bad back. But he just preserves because he wants to be healthy. I have encouraged him that he should try Peleton but he is one who always gives to others and doesn’t think of spending on himself. The last couple months have been extra rough for Barry. I developed a lump on my breast which turned out to be a benign tumor but at the same time we were in the process of adoption. Last week we had and were holding our baby for adoption and our hearts were broken. We went home empty handed. I just feel like he’s been through so much and I know he would love Peleton. It would be such a great outlet for him. To take time for himself and be encouraging to him.



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