Tya T.

North Carolina, United States

Heroes do not just work in Health Care, some are Teachers married to COVID Nurses!

As a COVID Nurse in the ICU I thought that I had it tough during the pandemic. My wife is a teacher and I have watched her work non-stop since the beginning of the pandemic, she is as much of a hero as I am. In April and May she made sure to check in on her elementary students through Zoom at the same time she was keeping up with our son who was in 7th grade, while also worrying about me at work. And we also had a foreign exchange student from Italy, one of the worst hit countries. There was no hesitation on her part that Pietro was not going back to Italy until it was safe for him to do so, even if we no longer had the support of the exchange program. She kept in touch with his family in Italy and also kept Pietro and our son Connor engaged so that they did not sit in front of screens all day. After Pietro made it back to Italy safely she got to work on the upcoming school year, planning for both in person and online teaching. She made sure to take professional development related to online teaching. I know it has been a very tough year on her because she loves all of her students and she just wants to see them in person. Often times she will wake up in the middle of the night to write down an idea to make learning on the computer more fun for her students or just worrying about many of them who have been home over most of the past year. As a front line COVID nurse I want to let everyone know that we are not the only ones putting in extra work, please look around at everyone who is working to help us return to as much of a normal as we can. Prior to the COVID pandemic our family enjoyed working out at our gym mostly taking HIIT classes. We have all noticed that part of our life is missing and when talking to a friend about Peloton was impressed to learn that you not only offer cycling classes but other exercise classes. Our whole family has seen that exercise not only helps physically but mentally as well. Please consider Tya she is a real HERO!!


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