Danyelle S.

Mississippi, United States

Her Fight is My Fight

Meet Danyelle, my friend, colleague, and inspiration. Danyelle and I started teaching at Vardaman Elementary School the same year. We met and became fast friends. Our sons are the same age and we share many similar interests - one of which is fitness.
Danyelle and I started working out after school with some of the teachers that we work with. This became our routine and through this connection our friendship grew.
In the spring of 2018, Danyelle noticed a knot under her arm. She thought it was a swollen lymph node, but went ahead and scheduled an appointment with her doctor. As young and healthy as she is, she debated cancelling the appointment. However, our group of friends who worked out together encouraged her to keep it.
She went to her appointment and even her doctor seemed to think that it wasn't anything to be too concerned about. They went ahead with a biopsy and days later, Danyelle's world turned upside down. She was diagnosed with Triple Negative Breast Cancer.
Two and half years, countless chemo treatments, radiation treatments, and surgeries later, Danyelle is still the most positive person I know. She speaks daily of how blessed she is and doesn't let her diagnosis keep her down. Even with the complications COVID-19 has created, Danyelle has never backed down from her job as a teacher. In fact, this year, she even took on a new position!
Through it all, Danyelle has continued to exercise as she is able. She knows what a positive impact physical activity has on the mind and body. She wants her son, Blake, 9, and her daughter, Blaire, 4, to see what life looks like when you never give up. Not only does Danyelle take care of her kids, her husband, and her job, she also realizes the importance of self care.
I think Danyelle would benefit from a Peloton bike and the community because it connects people who are facing similar challenges. Also, I think the community would benefit from have her as a member because of her uplifting, persevering personality


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